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Merapi Live from Kaliourang Observatory (S)
Merapi Live from Plawangan Observatory (SW)





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Living in Hell - Abuses against People with Psychosocial Disabilities in Indonesia

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I used to be tied up at home with a plastic rope. My heart broke when they chained me…. I was chained when I first came [to Galuh]. I get chained often—at least 10 times since I have come because I fought with the others. It can last for one day to a week. I had to go to the toilet on the spot, in the drain in the room. The staff slaps and hit me often, already three times because I peed and got angry. Tell the government, I want to go home.

Land-cover changes predict steep declines for the Sumatran orangutan

Land-cover changes predict steep declines for the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii)

Serge A. Wich1,2,*, Ian Singleton3, Matthew G. Nowak3,4, Sri Suci Utami Atmoko5, Gonda Nisam3, Sugesti Mhd. Arif3, Rudi H. Putra6, Rio Ardi7, Gabriella Fredriksson2,3, Graham Usher3, David L. A. Gaveau8 and Hjalmar S. Kühl9,10, *Corresponding author. E-mail: s.a.wich@ljmu.ac.uk

Science Advances 04 Mar 2016:
Vol. 2, no. 3, e1500789
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1500789