Todesurteile in Indonesien

Todesurteile in Indonesien
Der Tod im Live-Ticker
KOMMENTARvon Nina Belz 28.4.2015, 20:41 Uhr
Indonesien hat trotz internationalem Protest Drogendealer erschiessen lassen. Ihr Schicksal liefert Beweise, weshalb die Todesstrafe kein Mittel der Justiz sein kann. Kommentar von Nina Belz

Polizisten in Indonesien beobachten die Proteste gegen die Hinrichtung der neun Drogenhändler. (Bild: Achmad Ibrahim / AP)
Polizisten in Indonesien beobachten die Proteste gegen die Hinrichtung der neun Drogenhändler. (Bild: Achmad Ibrahim / AP)

Indonesien: härteres Vorgehen gehen Drogen

Indonesiens Polizisten haben den Finger am Abzug
von Nina Belz, Manfred Rist 16.8.2017, 13:44 Uhr
Der indonesische Präsident fordert ein härteres Vorgehen gehen Drogenhändler. Dabei rät er zu unorthodoxen Methoden. Sein Polizeichef sieht sein philippinisches Pendant als Vorbild: im Zweifel erschiessen.

Living in Hell - Abuses against People with Psychosocial Disabilities in Indonesia

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I used to be tied up at home with a plastic rope. My heart broke when they chained me…. I was chained when I first came [to Galuh]. I get chained often—at least 10 times since I have come because I fought with the others. It can last for one day to a week. I had to go to the toilet on the spot, in the drain in the room. The staff slaps and hit me often, already three times because I peed and got angry. Tell the government, I want to go home.

Volcanic ghost villages abadoned in Indonesia

When Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung sprang back to life several years ago, erupting and releasing destructive lava flows following 400 years of peaceful dormancy, many of the surrounding villages that had established themselves on its slopes had to be evacuated.

Indonesien plant von Krokodilen bewachtes Inselgefängnis

Die indonesische Anti-Drogen-Behörde will für zum Tode verurteilte Drogenstraftäter ein eigenes Gefängnis auf einer Insel errichten, das zusätzlich von Krokodilen bewacht werden soll. Die Idee, Krokodile als Gefängniswächter einzusetzen, gehört zu den Lieblingsprojekten von Behördenchef Budi Waseso, wie dieser heute bekräftigte.

Indonesias 1965 - crimes against humanity - International peoples tribunal in Den Haag

Half a century ago in Indonesia, following the events of October 1 1965, 500,000 to one million people accused of being members or supporters of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) were murdered, and many hundreds of thousands of people were detained without trial, perished or exiled. The impunity surrounding these mass killings has been encircled in social and political amnesia. There has been no official attempt to find out who was behind the killings, who the victims were exactly, and where they are buried.

Law Punishing Gay Sex With Caning Takes Effect in Aceh - Indonesia

A law that makes gay sex punishable by public caning took effect Friday in a conservative Indonesian province.

The law in Aceh province stipulates that anyone caught having homosexual sex can face up to 100 strokes of a cane, a fine of up to 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of gold (about $37,400) and imprisonment of up to 100 months. Adulterers are also subject to 100 lashes of a cane, but not to the fine or imprisonment.

Aceh is considered more devout than other areas of Muslim-majority Indonesia and is the only province allowed to observe a version of Islamic Shariah law.