Gereja Ayam - Chicken Church

Should you be trekking through the thick forests of Magelang, Indonesia, try not to be too alarmed if you stumble upon a titanic, rotting building, shaped like a chicken. Known as Gereja Ayam (unsurprisingly, “Chicken Church”), this mouldering titan was probably whimsical once, but now it seems like the creepy lost temple of a goofy cult.


Billig Airline - Budget Airlines




English traded the small island of Run for Manhattan

Run - Pulau Run, Pulo Run, Puloroon, or Rhun is one of the smallest islands of the Banda Islands
European control of the Bandas was contested up until 1667 when, under the Treaty of Breda (1667), the English traded the small island of Run for Manhattan, giving the Dutch full control of the Banda archipelago.

Run - Pulau Run, Pulo Run, Puloroon, or Rhun

Sumatra: Deutsche Aussteigerin eröffnet Hotel

Sumatra: Deutsche Aussteigerin eröffnet Hotel

Abrupter Karrierewechsel Sehnsucht nach Sumatra

Von Heike Klovert
Ausgewandert nach Sumatra: Eine Reise veränderte mein Leben Fotos Marcel Klovert

Kanzlei im Ruhrpott? Nervige Klienten? Nein danke! Eine Reise nach Indonesien lässt eine Juristin alle Karrierepläne über den Haufen werfen. Wo früher Kannibalen ihre Feinde verspeisten, führt sie heute ein eigenes Hotel.


There are of course many more travel destinations but this is a good start if you have never been to Indonesia.

7 Seas Dive Center and Bungalows on Gili Air Island

I stayed for more than a week at 7 seas. Actually by accident due to a booking problem but it turned out to be lucky. They have the best bungalows I have ever seen in Indonesia. Very new with fantastic bathrooms. Stuff is great and the french owner Laurent makes you feel very comfortable.

Room Rates are 400.000-550.000Rp (33-45 Euro) for standard room with fan (depending on season)
and 700.000Rp for deluxe room with AC

Borobudur and Prambanan in Yogyakarta

If you are in Yogyakarta you are obviously visiting Borobudur and Prambanan.
There isn't anything I can say that already 1000 books and travel logs haven't said.

Just two things to add.