Hammock and a tent

Hammock and a tent

The tentsile range offers unique sheltered accommodation in any environment. Ground conditions can limit the use of certain locations but now; whether you are looking for a more versatile camping solution or an urban garden treehouse that avoids planning restrictions, with tentsile the sky really is the only limit.

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Insect Shield repellent shirt

The Insect Shield repellent shirt

6 Legged Tees

We love being outside. We hate bug bites. After many hikes, many barbecues, and many adventures in the great outdoors, we at 6 Legged Tees got tired of getting bit. We decided we needed something that could repel bugs without a whole bunch of work.

PowerTrekk Offers Unlimited Water-Based Gadget Power

PowerTrekk Water-Based Gadget Power

LAS VEGAS — You’re on the road, far from any outlet and your precious cell-phone is thisclose to running out of juice. You look around and the nearest thing to you is a dirt road and—wait, what’s that? A little babbling brook. You’re saved! No, not because you can get a cool drink, but because now you can recharge your smartphone. You can, that is, if you have myFC’s new PowerTrekk portable, water-powered fuel-cell charger — and if it works as advertised.

Microbiological UV Water Purifier

UV Features:

High-powered ultraviolet light neutralizes 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.9% of protozoa
60 seconds per cycle
Purifies 80 cycles per full charge
UV bulb lasts 10,000 cycles and mounts securely over threads