Langgeng Art Foundation

Located in Indonesia, Langgeng Art Foundation (LAF)
is a contemporary art institution facilitating various kinds of art creation, presentation and discussion, especially in relation to strategic ways in the growth and development of Indonesian contemporary art. LAF was founded in 2010 by Deddy Irianto, founder and manager of Langgeng Gallery, Magelang, Indonesia.

LAF is focusing its attention and work to facilitating chances and managing resources that could maximize and optimize Indonesian artists’ creation process. LAF supports and encourages new creations and attainments. Consciously, LAF wants to empower the achievements that have been reached by other Indonesian art communities to then push them to breach higher and higher. For that, LAF will be the body that organizes various resources –thoughts, finance, local, regional and international networks– so that it could be used to enrich and empower the creation process of Indonesian contemporary art in a working atmosphere that is more dynamic, creative, open and competitive in the sense of idea exchanging and global culture establishment.

For all that, LAF is as open as possible to many types and chances of collaborations with both individual and other institutions, from inside and outside the country.