John Chang | Chi Healer-Indonesian healer claims to generate energy through his body

An excerpt from chapter three ('East of Krakatoa'), of the documentary 'Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey'. Watch full documentary here:

Legendary John Chang, shows Chi energy

Lawrence Blair returns to find the legendary John Chang, master of Mo Pai Nei Kung, a Chi-kung system. The only two books I know of on John Chang are "The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal", and "Nei Kung: The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages" For most people such things seem fake. I have my *undeniable* proof that did not require anyone else in the form of OBE's where I left my body, went to distant location, analyzed, went back to physical body, went to location in physical, and verified. You ask, "Why not prove it the world and academic." If you knew what I knew, then you would know your question is like asking me to rob a bank. It's wrong. Earth is a school. Would you walk into a class and give everyone the answers to their exam? You would not, and the teacher wouldn't let you anyways. Furthermore, even during my peak years it took me ~ 3 hours of intense OBE exercises every night just to have one OBE ~ every 11 days. There are a lot of people who can project out of body, but just like a new born baby must learn to properly use their eyes, also an OBE'er must learn to use their subtle bodies. That typically takes at least 5 years, and in which case they can then obtain their personal proof.